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    John & Jane Doe

    Each year an estimated 4,400 unidentified bodies are found and about 1,000 of them remain John or Jane Doe cases after a year passes, Their cases remain unsolved and their loved ones may never know exactly happened to them. Warning: photos and information in the linked section may be disturbing to some viewers. Caution advised https://www.ocsheriff.gov/commands-divisions/field-operations-investigations-command/coroner/unidentified-dead  

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    Case Comparison- Wendy Osborn and Kerry Patterson

    14 year old Wendy Osborn was abducted on her way to school on January 20, 1987. Does her murder and kidnapping mean anything to the 1980 abduction and murder of 15 year old Kerry Patterson? This presentation is protected by US & International copyright laws. Reproduction & distribution of the presentation without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited. None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended and are only used as enhancements to the story told.  Every effort is made to avoid any copyright infringements and no single work  was intentionally plagiarized.  Below is a (partial)  list of references used during…

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    Black Dahlia-Part 3-Suspects (replay)

    The unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short may forever remain that, unsolved, but, to many the killer is already known,the problem is who is right about which one? Join us this week as we discuss (and sometimes argue) about who could have committed this heinous crime. Ed Burns, Hayley questions whether or not he had the medical know how, BUT, I had forgotten during the recording that he had some medical student credits! George Hodel? Steve Hodel certainly thinks he did it. Check out his books Black Dahlia Avenger II 2014: Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to Los Angeles’s Black Dahlia and other 1940s…

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    Black Dahlia-Part 2-Investigation (replay)

    The first suspect and supposedly the last person to see Elizabeth alive, Robert “Red” Manly, although cleared of murder, he was haunted by the crime for the rest of his life.  His wife stood by his side, unfortunately she had to have him committed to Patton State Hospital in 1954.                                                   Police bulletin to the officers on the investigation. Letters received by the newspapers. The police believe these were sent by the killer Random pages from the LAPD case file. I know I said I would put…

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    Black Dahlia- Part 1-Elizabeth Short (replay)

    On the morning of January 15, 1947, a mother taking her child for a walk in a Los Angeles neighborhood stumbled upon a gruesome sight: the body of a young naked woman sliced in half at the waist.  For over 70 years the mystery of who killed The Black Dahlia has perplexed the police, the FBI and  arm chair detectives and website warriors alike. Armed with the LAPD and FBI files we begin  part one of our 3 part series, where we focus on the victim. A girl just 22 years old who lost her life in the most vile and violent way. We want to give her name back, remind…

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    Sodder Family Tragedy Revisited

    When the Sodder children disappeared on Christmas Eve 1945 it sparked a mystery that still captivates us 76 years later, with the death of the last of the surviving Sodder children in April of 2021, will the desire to solve the mystery die with her? Listen as we tackle the telling of one of our first unsolved mysteries.   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended and are only used as enhancements to the story told.    At times when reporting facts regarding a true crime, (and photos) multiple sources  use the same wording. Every effort is made to avoid any…

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    Wineville Chicken Coop Murders Revisited

    A sleepy Southern California town is turned upside down with the murders of 4 boys. So much so, the town changed its name. Join us as we look into the crime that rocked this small town and meet the monster who called it home almost 100 years ago.   Looking for more information on The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders check out these books The Road Out of Hell: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders by Anthony Flacco and Jerry Clark (Sanford’s son). or Nothing Is Strange with You: The Life and Crimes of Gordon Stewart Northcott by Janes Jeffrey Paul None of the photos on this…

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    Vidocq Society with Bob Taft and Updates and Replay of America’s Unknown Child

    He would be approximately 70years old today, although no one really  knows exactly how old he would be, because no one knows when he was born, or his name,or his parents or who is favorite comic book hero was. No one knows anything,. We only know him as The Boy in a Box, or America’s Unknown child. He is the  unidentified murder victim, 3 to 7 years old, whose naked, battered body was found in a cardboard box in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 25, 1957.   Gift Bob received from the Vidocq Society     I KNEW the building would look like this!!    …