The Disappearance of Debra Lynn Part 2

Season 3 Episode 2


In this episode we talk to Debbie’s sister Janice about the day she disappeared and who Debbie was and her relationship with her husband John. Then we talk to Mary Bell with the Doe Network. Please go like and SHARE the Facebook page FIND DEBRA LYNN AND SONS.


  • Susan

    After listening to part 2 I am less convinced the husband did something to his wife and children. Although statistically it’s the husband, boyfriend or ex, it isn’t always 100% the case. This reminded me of a show I watched about a woman from Hawaii who disappeared with her 6 month old son and the boyfriend was of course the prime suspect. Her son was later found through dna. The mother, had some mental issues, left with her son and eventually gave him up for adoption at 4 and has never been heard from since. The poor boyfriend lived with this cloud of suspicion for 30 some years and had no idea what had become of his son.
    People do things that are unexpected and out of character all the time. And sometimes families think they know a person but they really don’t. My father’s sister one day up and left her husband and 2 young children with no explanation no letter no phone call nothing, just walked out of the house and wasn’t heard from for years. This was around the same time that Debra Lynn went missing as well. There were no cell phones no internet, no facebook pages, no dna, and no easy way to find someone who may not want to be found. I was young at the time and don’t remember most of the details, but I know our family searched for her for years and assumed she was dead. She contacted her mother about 10 years later, had moved to another state and had been living under the radar. I never knew the circumstances that led her to do that, and probably never will. But we never would have expected her to do something so awful.
    I’m not saying that Debra’s husband did not have anything to do with their disappearance, That is quite possible, but don’t automatically say that that is the only scenario. She could have had a boyfriend and told her husband the story about her mom and simply left, changed her name and the boys name and moved on, too ashamed to admit it to even her own family. As was the case with my aunt.
    Debra could have left for any number of reasons and met up with foul play afterwards. By a stranger or someone new in her life. Joined a cult or group, it was the late 70’s in California, the possibilities seem endless.
    Irregardless, I hope she and her sons are alive and well and there’s a happy ending to all of this or at least for the family to find out all these years what actually happened to them.

    • hauntinghistorypodcast

      thats a story, so sad she did that to her family, its the not knowing that has to be so life altering. I am trying to stay partial, to be honest currently, I don’t think John did do anything, but, that changes almost every day, one day I will get information that convinces me he had everything to do with their disappearance but, then the next I get something that makes me question that all over again. The podcast is about 3 weeks behind the information, so there is so much more that is coming. I don’t know if we will get an answer, I hope we do but, I really don’t know yet. I agree with you tho, I hope they all survived and there is a happy ending.

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