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    Who Killed Kerry Patterson Part 1

    Kerry Patterson was a pretty, outgoing orange county teenager. On December 27, 1980, a worker in the Union oil field in Brea California, specifically in tonner Canyon,  came across a human skull, located on flat ground in the middle of the oil field, about 50 feet from an oil derrick, rested what would break a mothers heart, send a sister on a life long search and a cold case detective looking for answers, the life and death of Kerry Patterson has touched many lives, lives of people she never even had a chance to meet.

  • #HauntingHistoryPodcast,  Cold Case,  DNA,  Genealogy,  true crime

    Catching a Killer-The Murder of April Tinsley

    The death of a child is always tragic and heart breaking, the murder of a child is unspeakable, the unsolved murder of a child is unfathomable. The case of April TInsley is all 3. On April 1, 1988 8 year old April Tinsley disappeared, how her killer was caught may be the wave of the future of solving all cold cases with DNA.  If you want to see what the murderer looks like feel free to google, I can’t bring myself to post it here.   notes left by the killer   FACEBOOK PAGE FOR APRIL https://www.facebook.com/pg/AprilMarieTinsley/photos/?ref=page_internal FBI PROFILE OF KILLER https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/stories/2009/may/april-tinsley-murder-pt.-3/tinsley-killer-profile CeCe Moore-The Genetic Detective https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ibtimes.com%2Fgenetic-detective-preview-cece-moore-investigates-april-tinsleys-murder-abc-crime-2994212&psig=AOvVaw369SfFKbyOsxk1nt9V1dBr&ust=1597883618032000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCKCAi8mCpusCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ ********* None of…