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    Valentino’s Curse

    At one time Rudolph Valentino’s star shone brighter than any other in Hollywood. A handsome, debonair man whose  image on the screen caused women to swoon and faint. Sadly, his star wasn’t destined to shine for long. Rodolfo Pietro Filibert Raffaello Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguella A photo of Valentino’s cursed ring, not sure if this is a real photo of it or not but, you can find more info here:https://anomalien.com/the-real-story-of-rudolph-valentinos-cursed-ring/     Rudolph Valentino  and Agnes Ayres in the Sheik  Newspaper article of his viewing and funeral Crush of fans during his viewing. Pola Negri The heartbroken Pola Negri being escorted during the funeral in California This photo is actually…

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    The Legend of Vampire Girl-Mercy Brown

    Much like the Salem Witch Trials, the New England Vampire panic was born out of fear and the unknown, or maybe even just the fear of the unknown. There were upwards of 80 victims of the panic, Mercy Brown was just one of them, but, one of the most famous and probably the muse for the character Lucy in Bram Stokers novel Dracula.   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended and are only used as enhancements to the story told.    At times when reporting facts regarding a true crime, (and photos) multiple sources  use the same wording. Every effort…

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    The Exorcist

    Its a couple of weeks before Halloween so we are taking a small break from true crime to focus on the really scary and what’s more terifying then a story about a demon? Released in December 1973 the movie the Exorcist was the highest grossing movie of its time, the movie based loosely on the book by William Peter Platty follows the story of 12 year old Regan played by Linda Blair and her family as they deal and try to overcome some radically disturbing behavior.   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended and are only used as enhancements to…

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    The Hotel Del Coronado

        Season 4 Episode 3 Kate Morgan The Hotel Del Coronado opened in February of 1888. It has hosted famous people from Marilyn Monroe to Ellen Degeneres. But the most famous guest of the Hotel Del is one that been there for almost 130 years.  Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel Del Coronado on Thanksgiving Day 1892, the employees knew almost immediately  there was something different about the Beautiful Stranger, little did they know that she would be still famous so many decades later.   Link to the painting by Dr. Suess. “I dreamed I was a  doorman at the Hotel Del Coronado” https://www.libertypuzzles.com/wooden-jigsaw-puzzles/i-dreamed-i-was-a-doorman-at-the-hotel-del-coronado Pictures of the Crown Room with…

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    Heaven’s Gate

      Season 4 Episode 2   Said to be one of the most haunted locations in California, (a perfect area to visit for Halloween)  the house was  located in the upscale neighborhood in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County,  (the house isn’t there anymore it was demolished soon after it was purchased far below market value, ) The Heavens Gate house is said to not only be haunted by the spirits on the undead but, by something a little more outter wordly than that.  Marshall Applewhite & Bonnie Nettles Purple Shrouds & Nikes   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement…

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    The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste

    Season 4 Episode 1 When  Captain Briggs set sail in the Mary Celeste he had no idea that he and his family and the ship would become the Ghost Ship that people would still be talking about almost 150 years later. This story has all my favorites for the Halloween season. A ghost ship, history, mystery and maybe even pirates. What happened to the family and crew of the Mary Celeste? Its a mystery we may never know the answer to. The Mary Celeste when she was the Amazon Benjamin Spooner Briggs Briggs Family None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended…

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    BONUS Disappearance of Debra Lynn-Psychic Medium Billy Tyler

    Billy Tyler Billy Tyler Healing is dedicated to heal mind, body and soul with the help of self, nature and spirit. Psychic•Medium•Crystal Healer•Reiki Practitioner       Join us this week as Billy Tyler re-tells the reading he had with Josalyn and her mom Janice and answers and clarifies somethings for Cat   Facebook- Billy Tyler Healing https://www.facebook.com/billytylerhealing/ Instagram- Billy Tyler Healing @billytylerhealing Email: bthealing@gmail.com Scheduling: https://calendly.com/billytylerhealing