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    Who Killed Kerry Patterson-Final Episode

    When we started this story, like so many others, we don’t know how they will end. This one rekindled an old acquaintance, who is now a friend, it introduced me to Bob Taft, who I know now, will be a long time friend and created an even closer relationship with Kristi, an old friend. So, if all this has done is get Kerry’s story out there and help people remember her then we’ve done what we set out to do, what we didn’t plan on was Kerry bringing us all together, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, we were all brought to this one place for…

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    Who Killed Kerry Patterson Part 3

    We are pleased  that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department agreed to be interviewed for this case. The disappearance and murder of Kerry Patterson hit home for Investigator Bob Taft, being a father himself, its hard to imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. He joins us today to discuss the case.

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    Who Killed Kerry Patterson Part 1

    Kerry Patterson was a pretty, outgoing orange county teenager. On December 27, 1980, a worker in the Union oil field in Brea California, specifically in tonner Canyon,  came across a human skull, located on flat ground in the middle of the oil field, about 50 feet from an oil derrick, rested what would break a mothers heart, send a sister on a life long search and a cold case detective looking for answers, the life and death of Kerry Patterson has touched many lives, lives of people she never even had a chance to meet.

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    Preston Castle

    Built in 1894, Preston School of Industry opened to 7 wards, all juveniles transferred from San Quentin State Prison. For over 120 years the Castle as its become known as has become home to more than its share of spirits. Is Preston Castle filled with intelligent hauntings of the boys and staff who worked, lived and died there or are the imprints of its sometimes violent and tragic past still playing over and over again today, we’ll let you decide. Cat’s speaks to Connie, one of the leaders of the Preston Paranormal Team to find out how much and what is really going on there. To learn  more please visit:…

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    Catching a Killer-The Murder of April Tinsley

    The death of a child is always tragic and heart breaking, the murder of a child is unspeakable, the unsolved murder of a child is unfathomable. The case of April TInsley is all 3. On April 1, 1988 8 year old April Tinsley disappeared, how her killer was caught may be the wave of the future of solving all cold cases with DNA.  If you want to see what the murderer looks like feel free to google, I can’t bring myself to post it here.   notes left by the killer   FACEBOOK PAGE FOR APRIL https://www.facebook.com/pg/AprilMarieTinsley/photos/?ref=page_internal FBI PROFILE OF KILLER https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/stories/2009/may/april-tinsley-murder-pt.-3/tinsley-killer-profile CeCe Moore-The Genetic Detective https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ibtimes.com%2Fgenetic-detective-preview-cece-moore-investigates-april-tinsleys-murder-abc-crime-2994212&psig=AOvVaw369SfFKbyOsxk1nt9V1dBr&ust=1597883618032000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCKCAi8mCpusCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ ********* None of…

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    The Legend of Vampire Girl-Mercy Brown

    Much like the Salem Witch Trials, the New England Vampire panic was born out of fear and the unknown, or maybe even just the fear of the unknown. There were upwards of 80 victims of the panic, Mercy Brown was just one of them, but, one of the most famous and probably the muse for the character Lucy in Bram Stokers novel Dracula.   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended and are only used as enhancements to the story told.    At times when reporting facts regarding a true crime, (and photos) multiple sources  use the same wording. Every effort…

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    The Hotel Del Coronado

        Season 4 Episode 3 Kate Morgan The Hotel Del Coronado opened in February of 1888. It has hosted famous people from Marilyn Monroe to Ellen Degeneres. But the most famous guest of the Hotel Del is one that been there for almost 130 years.  Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel Del Coronado on Thanksgiving Day 1892, the employees knew almost immediately  there was something different about the Beautiful Stranger, little did they know that she would be still famous so many decades later.   Link to the painting by Dr. Suess. “I dreamed I was a  doorman at the Hotel Del Coronado” https://www.libertypuzzles.com/wooden-jigsaw-puzzles/i-dreamed-i-was-a-doorman-at-the-hotel-del-coronado Pictures of the Crown Room with…

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    Heaven’s Gate

      Season 4 Episode 2   Said to be one of the most haunted locations in California, (a perfect area to visit for Halloween)  the house was  located in the upscale neighborhood in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County,  (the house isn’t there anymore it was demolished soon after it was purchased far below market value, ) The Heavens Gate house is said to not only be haunted by the spirits on the undead but, by something a little more outter wordly than that.  Marshall Applewhite & Bonnie Nettles Purple Shrouds & Nikes   None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement…

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    The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste

    Season 4 Episode 1 When  Captain Briggs set sail in the Mary Celeste he had no idea that he and his family and the ship would become the Ghost Ship that people would still be talking about almost 150 years later. This story has all my favorites for the Halloween season. A ghost ship, history, mystery and maybe even pirates. What happened to the family and crew of the Mary Celeste? Its a mystery we may never know the answer to. The Mary Celeste when she was the Amazon Benjamin Spooner Briggs Briggs Family None of the photos on this page belong to Haunting History Podcast. No copyright infringement intended…