Hillside Stranglers

For 5 months the murderer known only as the Hillside Strangler terrorized Los Angeles California, then the killing suddenly stopped….or did it?


The man in the front isBobGrogan

Its hard for me to post pictures of the murders, their faces were plastered on every news site for months, the victims are far more important, this photo includes Karen and Diane from Washington.



Angelo Bueno and Kenneth Bianchi


A photo I believe to be Veronica, the women who fell in love with the murderer, so much in love she would kill for him.

For more information on Veronica, I found a link to an interview she did with Dr Oz. I can’t feel bad for her, drugs or no drugs, what’s your thoughts?



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    On the day before Halloween, 2006, a curious article appeared on the L.A. Tirnes website commemorating a freak accident that occurred 30 years earlier in a northwest corner of the park. A young couple, making love on a picnic bench off Mt. Hollywood Drive, were crushed by a falling tree. According to the story, a chain of workers hired to clear the tree fell sick or were injured before they could finish the job, including a supervisor who was found dead of an apparent heart attack at the scene. While the article has been dismissed as a hoax, sightings of a ghostly couple in the area persist, and people familiar with the tale have arranged pilgrimages to the site in the hopes of witnessing paranormal activity.

  • Erin Crowe

    The Detectives

    The detective in the front is Bob Grogan. My father and Frank Salerno are the two in the back. My father is the one closest to the camera in the back. Those murders haunted those detectives. They cared from day one. We had to live differently because La Crescenta is close to where we live and I lived there as a small child. Catching those two sick fiends was my father’s #1 goal.

    • hauntinghistorypodcast

      Hi Erin, I imagine it affected them! And probably you’re whole family. I will change the notes I put under the picture, what is your fathers name?

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