Lady Killers

Most don’t associate women with serial murders, contrary to popular belief, there is a list, a long list of women who kill and kill and kill again. Join us we travel back in time to meet a couple of the most puzzling and notorious women who almost got away with murder.


Grandma Nannie Doss, 49, admitted poisoner of four husbands, displays grandmotherly pride in a courthouse corridor during a hearing to decide her fate for the death of her fifth mate, Samuel Doss. She holds Janice Dianne Haynes, 4, with her arms around Peggy Lou Haynes, 8. They are daughters of Melvina Hedrick, Doss’ daughter. Copied from Oklahoman print archive Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011. Photo by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman

Photo we discussed in the episode! How did Melvina stand by her side, and hold her daughters???

Looking for more information on Lady Serial Killers check out  this book

Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial Killers by Carol Anne Davis


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