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Lost Boy Larry

Season 2 Episode 9

In August of 1973, a  CB radio operator in California was shocked to receive a mysterious transmission from what seemed to be a young boy pleading for help over the airwaves. The transmissions were at times difficult to understand because the boy was often crying or sobbing uncontrollably, and this, combined with the generally poor signal and ample static, often made the messages nearly incoherent. What could be understood was that the boy called himself Larry, and claimed that he had been out with his father rabbit hunting when they had been in an accident. Larry stated that the red and white pickup truck they were in had overturned in the process trapping both of them inside when the doors were jammed shut. The terrified boy said he thought his father had suffered a heart attack or had been severely injured and was possibly dead, as he was apparently slumped over the wheel of the vehicle and had not moved since the crash. He also claimed that he had no food or water and had no idea where they were.


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Lost Boy Larry












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  • Erick Zetina


    I was listening to the Lost Boy Larry episode and was thinking that it seems that even if no one came forward to report a missing 7 year old boy named Larry, it also seems unlikely that no one would have reported the missing dad as well. A relative, friend , co-worker etc., probably would have stepped up and said that an individual (with a son named Larry) was missing and authorities would have pieced it together.
    Interesting story for sure though! Thanks for making this podcast! Y’all are great!
    Houston, TX

    • hauntinghistorypodcast

      Thank you! I agree, its hard to believe that neither of them would have been reported, although, I am currently learning how many missing people aren’t reported every day. Its rather shocking, to be honest. But, in this case I suspect it was prank, and then it went too far and the person/kid/teenager doing the pranking disappeared.

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