More Haunted Hollywood-Marilyn Monroe with Craig Owens Part 2

Everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe is, but, do you know what happened her final day?

Join Cat as her and her guest Craig Owens founder of Bizarre Los Angeles and author of the acclaimed book Haunted by History chat about Marilyn, the men in her life, her final days and whether or not she haunts some of Hollywood’s more famous locations.

MM’s wall crypt covered in red lipstick kisses.

Marilyn and Jim Doughtery her first husband June 1942

She always looked so happy when she was with Joe

Marilyn with author and third husband Arthur Miller


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PS. just listened to this weeks episode!! Oh goodness, I lost it on the editing and I sound awful!! Decided to get a bout of bronchitis!! Its kicking my butt a bit, but, we will be back next week strong!

Thanks for listening!!




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