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The Disappearance of Debra Lynn Part 6

Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 6 of our missing, unsolved and true crime story is an interview with Dr. Anthony Firek about epilipsy and the medications that Debbie was prescribed.

(sorry about the sound quality of this interview, tried something new….did not work 🙂


Newspaper Articles

How adorable are the boys??And how pretty was she??

If you are like me, I always like to put a face to a name, John Kidwell, taken between 2003-2007

Thank you to Rob Kidwell for the newspaper articles and the photo of John.


  • Megan

    This is just so heart breaking. My heart really goes out to Rob. I have a toddler myself and these photos of these sweet babies just cut to my core. Thank you for all you’re trying to do!

  • Heidi

    After listening to the Dr explain that the meds and the impact on her mental state, could the medications have caused her to hallucinate and become paranoid that maybe someone was after her, or cause her to leave the only support system (her family) without a word?

    • hauntinghistorypodcast

      I mean really anything could have happened. I don’t know that she would have hallucinated on just the meds she was taking, but, had she mixed it with any other drugs, anything could happen, I just doubt the effects of that would last a lifetime. But, honestly we really don’t know.

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