Season 3 Trailer-The Disappearance of Debra Lynn

Someone out there knows something…help us find that someone. 

This season we are doing something a little different. We are investigating, researching and telling you the story of a missing persons case as we go. You’ll join us as we talk  to detectives, private investigators, coroners office, file clerks, librarians and the family members who lives were changed by a disappearance 40 years ago, and most likely, spending an unhealthy amount of time on Ancestry.com You our listeners are going to be with us as we get the case and then as we find,  meet and talk to the people behind the story. We are starting this season with a ton of questions and zero answers and we have no idea how its going to end. What we do know is This family deserves to know what happened. Join us by emailing, messaging and commenting with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. We want your help, Someone out there knows something, help us find that someone.

Season 3 Starts Tuesday, June 11th with the Disappearance of Debra Lynn


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