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    Haunted Whittier

    Prepare yourselves for a  journey into the spectral side of Whittier, California’s history, led by our special guest, Jacob Caputo from Haunted Whittier. Join us as we traverse this historic town and uncover tales of its ghostly inhabitants, from Whittier’s most haunted locations echoing with the whispers of past tragedies to the chilling lore surrounding the infamous Turnbull Canyon. Jacob’s…

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    The myths and folklores about Doppelgangers or Double walkers have been around for centuries, but is there truth to some of those myths? join us this week as we discuss all about Doppelgangers with author and historian Brian Clune.

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    Fort Mifflin

    A paranormal investigators dream, the ghosts of Fort Mifflin never disappoint, is it the history of the place that keeps it alive or the ghosts that never rest, join us as we chat with Paranormal Ambassador (love that title) Greg O’Brian about the history, hauntings and happenings at Fort Mifflin   William Howe left his mark in the casemate

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    John & Jane Doe

    Each year an estimated 4,400 unidentified bodies are found and about 1,000 of them remain John or Jane Doe cases after a year passes, Their cases remain unsolved and their loved ones may never know exactly happened to them. Warning: photos and information in the linked section may be disturbing to some viewers. Caution advised https://www.ocsheriff.gov/commands-divisions/field-operations-investigations-command/coroner/unidentified-dead  

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    Case Comparison- Wendy Osborn and Kerry Patterson

    14 year old Wendy Osborn was abducted on her way to school on January 20, 1987. Does her murder and kidnapping mean anything to the 1980 abduction and murder of 15 year old Kerry Patterson? This presentation is protected by US & International copyright laws. Reproduction & distribution of the presentation without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited. None…

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    Black Dahlia-Part 3-Suspects (replay)

    The unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short may forever remain that, unsolved, but, to many the killer is already known,the problem is who is right about which one? Join us this week as we discuss (and sometimes argue) about who could have committed this heinous crime. Ed Burns, Hayley questions whether or not he had the medical know how, BUT, I…