Haunted Whittier

Prepare yourselves for a  journey into the spectral side of Whittier, California’s history, led by our special guest, Jacob Caputo from Haunted Whittier. Join us as we traverse this historic town and uncover tales of its ghostly inhabitants, from Whittier’s most haunted locations echoing with the whispers of past tragedies to the chilling lore surrounding the infamous Turnbull Canyon. Jacob’s captivating storytelling breathes life into tales of spectral sightings and uncanny occurrences.

Our conversation unravels the town’s rich and often eerie past, beginning with the Tongva Indians and the pioneering Quakers, culminating in the creation of Whittier in the 1880s. We explore  the daunting challenges faced, and the resilience of the early settlers.  Jacob regales us with ghost stories from an antique store with a grim past and a former boys’ school that still resonates with its haunting history.

In our final segment, we delve into the folklore and legends of Whittier. From a misunderstood sanitarium to the ominous Turnbull Canyon and a haunted mansion, each tale is a thread in the intricate tapestry of Whittier’s past. Here, history and the supernatural converge, painting a vivid picture of a town steeped in mystique and intrigue. Jacob’s insights into the value of ghost stories as a unique means of preserving history will leave you seeing the past in a new, chilling light. And if you’re daring enough, he might just inspire you to join him on one of his popular ghost tours. Enjoy this chilling melding of history, legend, and the supernatural that is sure to leave you with goosebumps.

Jacob is the owner and operator of Haunted Whittier Tours. He is a third generation resident of Whittier California and has spent years collecting local stories, history and folklore.

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