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    Black Dahlia-Part 3-Suspects (replay)

    The unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short may forever remain that, unsolved, but, to many the killer is already known,the problem is who is right about which one? Join us this week as we discuss (and sometimes argue) about who could have committed this heinous crime. Ed Burns, Hayley questions whether or not he had the medical know how, BUT, I had forgotten during the recording that he had some medical student credits! George Hodel? Steve Hodel certainly thinks he did it. Check out his books Black Dahlia Avenger II 2014: Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to Los Angeles’s Black Dahlia and other 1940s…

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    Black Dahlia- Part 1-Elizabeth Short (replay)

    On the morning of January 15, 1947, a mother taking her child for a walk in a Los Angeles neighborhood stumbled upon a gruesome sight: the body of a young naked woman sliced in half at the waist.  For over 70 years the mystery of who killed The Black Dahlia has perplexed the police, the FBI and  arm chair detectives and website warriors alike. Armed with the LAPD and FBI files we begin  part one of our 3 part series, where we focus on the victim. A girl just 22 years old who lost her life in the most vile and violent way. We want to give her name back, remind…

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    Worley Hospital

    Join Cat as she talks to the stars of A & E’s Ghost Hunters, Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari about their experiences at the Worley. Built in 1928 the hospital has seen everything from births to deaths and everything in between. Hospitals are the scene of the happiest occasions and the saddest and Worley was no different. For almost 50 years Worley was the only hospital in the town of Pampas, Texas. Aside from the normal scenes the Worley was also the place that young 25 year old nurse, Mary Lucille Myers decided to end her life. Listen as Brandon and Mustafa recount their experiences with Mary.  

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    Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

    The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, financed in part by the roaring twenties kings and queen of Hollywood, Louis B. Mayer, Douglas Fairbanks, the silent screen queen herself Mary Pickford and Grauman Theater owner Sid Grauman.  The 12-story hotel has 300 guest rooms including 63 suites it was  Built in 1927, and named for US President Theodore Roosevelt, the hotel has penthouse views of the hollywood hills and sign. Building took a year and half and at the time cost what seemed like an astronomical amount for the time of 2.5 million, which would be well over 25 million today.   Its known for hosting the first academy awards on May 16, 1929,…

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    Preston Castle

    Built in 1894, Preston School of Industry opened to 7 wards, all juveniles transferred from San Quentin State Prison. For over 120 years the Castle as its become known as has become home to more than its share of spirits. Is Preston Castle filled with intelligent hauntings of the boys and staff who worked, lived and died there or are the imprints of its sometimes violent and tragic past still playing over and over again today, we’ll let you decide. Cat’s speaks to Connie, one of the leaders of the Preston Paranormal Team to find out how much and what is really going on there. To learn  more please visit:…

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    The Legend of Lavina Fisher

    Websters dictionary definition of the word Legend says : a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but is  unauthenticated. Being a historical true crime podcast, so many times the stories we tell are mired in a century old game of telephone somewhere in the story is the truth, sadly tho we never know how much of the truth of the story gets documented and shared, particularly when we talk about something that happened 200 years ago. This weeks episode is a story that exemplifies that, The legend of Lavina FIsher is so old  its hard to know what is true and what parts just became a camp fire story.…