The Bell Witch Part 1

The Bell Witch

1817, Adams, Tennessee,  was the site of one of the most well-known hauntings in American history -well, maybe not most well known but, at least the longest running story of paranormal activity.

Some believe the whole story of the Bell Witch was made up, or a hoax on the family and not witch or supernatural at all.

 Some say it was so well known that it eventually caught the attention and then the involvement of a future president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

Known as The Bell Witch, or The Bell Witch Cave, named for the family whose home that the activity first presented itself, came, the strange and often violent activity whose story has endured theorists and believers for over 200 years. Listen as Cat tells in part one, the stories and goings on of the Bell Witch and you decide what to believe.

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