The Black Dahlia-Part 2 The Investigation

This week we discuss the investigation into the murder of Elizabeth Short.


The first suspect and supposedly the last person to see Elizabeth alive, Robert “Red” Manly, although cleared of murder, he was haunted by the crime for the rest of his life. 

His wife stood by his side, unfortunately she had to have him committed to Patton State Hospital in 1954.                                                  

Police bulletin to the officers on the investigation.

Letters received by the newspapers. The police believe these were sent by the killer

Random pages from the LAPD case file.

I know I said I would put a link to the crime scene and morgue photos,but, honestly, you can just google “Black Dahlia Morgue photos” and hit image and all of the crime scene and morgue photos show up, WARNING, they are graphic, its hard to even realize that was once a living person.

The photo below is the doctored photo that the press released, they even changed her face and covered the cuts from her mouth to her ears. Its the only photo I can stand to even post.



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