Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Halloween! We are beginning our 3 weeks of Halloween with this episode.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is home to the ghosts of Hollywood’s past. Join us as we discuss history, true crime and the ghost stories at one of Southern California’s oldest cemeteries.

Hattie McDaniel didn’t get to be buried at Hollywood Forever, but, the new owners thought it important to recognize her there.



One of the biggest Hollywood scandals began with the death of one and the end of a career for the other

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle & Virginia Rappe

Virginia Rappe 

His death caused bedlam on two coasts, women were said to faint and there is at least one report of a women committing suicide at the news of Rudolph Valentino’s death

A bunch of the ladies in black, I’d rather believe in the one I met personally!

Clifton Webb

Haunts the mausoleum where he is interred.