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Whaley House

The Whaley House of San Diego has been named the most haunted house in America by Life magazine and The Travel Channel.

Is Yankee Jim the only spirit from the past or did the Whaley family never leave their beloved home?Corrine Whaley

Violet Whaley Birth October 14, 1862 Death August 18, 1885. Only 22 years of age, and ended her life because of embarrassment and sadness

Whaley Family

George Hay Ringgold Whaley

Thomas Whaley Sr

I don’t know why, but, the people in the stories are just people in a story, UNTIL I find records that they actually lived lives just like we do, signing documents and being parts of records. Above is the death record for Thomas Whaley Sr….Capitalist???



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The Whaley House
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