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The Hotel Del Coronado



Season 4 Episode 3

Kate Morgan

The Hotel Del Coronado opened in February of 1888. It has hosted famous people from Marilyn Monroe to Ellen Degeneres. But the most famous guest of the Hotel Del is one that been there for almost 130 years.  Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel Del Coronado on Thanksgiving Day 1892, the employees knew almost immediately  there was something different about the Beautiful Stranger, little did they know that she would be still famous so many decades later.


Link to the painting by Dr. Suess. “I dreamed I was a  doorman at the Hotel Del Coronado”

I Dreamed I was a Doorman at the Hotel Del Coronado

Pictures of the Crown Room with lighting designed by Frank L Baum


Haunted by History by Craig Owens

Haunted by History, Vol. 1 (First Edition Soft Cover) – Brand New!!!


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  • Marti

    I had an experience while staying at the Hotel Del.

    We were out in a room in the older part of the hotel (my preference). The first night, I awoke to kids running down the hall, laughing and pounding on the walls. Not long after, I smelled smoke – someone smoking a pipe. It kept me up and I was irritated the next morning. So, I approached the housekeeper for that wing, explained the situation and asked that she have someone speak with the family sharing our section of the hotel. Her response (as she smiled a knowing smile):

    “Ma’am, there is no one else staying in this wing.”