The Mysterious Life & Death of Billy the Kid

The heritage of Billy the Kid has been in question for over a 100 years, where was he born, what his name was and even more of a mystery, did he really die on July 14th, 1881?
His life is such a mystery no one can even agree if he was born a  McCarthy or a Bonney, all we know is his legend lives on.


only authenticated photo of Billy the Kid currently, that may change as technology changes

To see a photo purchased by the Collins brothers in Tombstone, they are still trying to have authenticated. I think it looks alot like him!

go here: https://www.vvdailypress.com/news/20171103/brothers-claim-dug-up-photo-shows-billy-kid-with-joseph-antrim


Photo purchased at a flea market in 2011 may show not only Billy the Kid, (second from left) but, also Pat Garret (center) if authenticated it would be worth many millions of dollars.





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    A few decades later, three of Billy the Kid s surviving pallbearers were asked to help locate the spot where their friend had been buried, but they picked three different graves.

    • hauntinghistorypodcast

      OMG, can you imagine if someone actually knew where he is so they could do dna?? All the questions would be answered!